Their intricate and bold knitwear, so often described as wearable works of art, has captivated the world of fashion for six decades. What started in 1953 as a modest creative collaboration between husband and wife Ottavio and Rosita Missoni has turned into a lifestyle brand with roots. 

One of the new additions to the SS22 collection is inspired by the icons of the 70s: Missoni’s swimming costumes, both romantic and powerful, like this season’s colour. The key words are symbolism and lightness: two characteristics that result in a range of printed fabrics of different densities that play with movement.

The 1970s marked the international confirmation of the Missoni brand. The American market embraced their collections through Bloomingdale’s while it made an impact on the “European ready-to-wear stars”. “Their knitwear has become an international status symbol, like Luis Vuitton handbags or Gucci shoes” published the New York Times in 1973. “It doesn’t matter how many Missoni swimming costumes you have. You always want more” they emphasised in 1976. Only the Missonis could have invented this coordinated/uncoordinated look that will always retain authenticity, it went on to say in 1977.

Whether for dresses or sofas, Missoni fabrics stand out with their cheerful designs and the world-famous zigzag print. Their hippie and relaxed touches, as well as the prints with intense blends that don’t go unnoticed. All of this creates perfect combinations and represents what we admire so much about Italy: its joie de vivre.

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