It is possible to use swimwear without damaging the environment. Splash by Lo’s Ecocean project and SDGs are living proof of this. Do you want to know more about our eco-friendly textile printing?

Textile printing that takes care of the planet 

Deforestation, climate change, reduction in biodiversity… Did you know that the textile sector is one of the main contributors to environmental damage? Clothing production pollutes 20% of drinking water and causes 10% of global carbon emissions. It also uses enough water resources each year to supply 5 million people. 

At Splash by Lo we love designing swimwear as much as we love our planet. That is why we make every effort to ensure that our business generates as little environmental impact as possible. And it’s not in vain, our sustainable textile printing (cold and chemical free) is able to make up for the damage caused by an irresponsible textile industry. 

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that define the manufacturing and design of Splash by Lo’s swimwear allow us to take environmental care to the next level. Some of the goals that we pursue on a daily basis are: 

  1. Good Health and Well-Being. 
  2. Responsible Consumption and Production. 
  3. Climate Action. 
  4. Partnerships for the Goals.

Ecocean fabrics: innovation for the environment

Far from being a simple declaration of intent, we wanted sustainability to be the driving force behind our work. This is highlighted by the Ecocean project: an innovative range of recycled fabrics

By supporting Splash by Lo swimwear made with Ecocean fabrics you can take part in the fight against climate change. In fact, these fabrics generate between 75-80% less CO2 emissions. Special mention should be given to the so-called “Coral” fabric, the production of which uses 90% less water than virgin polyamide.

As well as incorporating the latest in R&D and making a decisive contribution to the circular economy, the Ecocean project puts traceability in the spotlight. In fact, both textile manufacturing and printing are carried out according to strict geographical proximity criteria in order to reduce pollution. 

Recycled fabrics, sustainable textile printing, SDGs… At Splash by Lo we are constantly innovating to protect the planet’s health as much as possible. That is why we will soon be bringing you new additions in order to take our environmental commitment one step further. We look forward to sharing them with you!