A desire for happiness, lightness and escape is expressed in an extravagant range of colours. Neutral and dark shades give way to intense, bright, and striking colours. All of this is embellished with a noticeable outdoor energy with a nod to the digital world.

The inspirational nature of well-being is the source of the colours that are set to take centre stage in the fashion world for the spring-summer 2023 season. There will also be no shortage of hyper-luminous details typical of the most futuristic electronics. 

5 shades that will define SS23 textile design 

Digital Lavender (Colour: 134-67-16)

The colour of the year breathes calmness and recovery into textile design for the spring-summer 2023 season. It perfectly combines the naturalistic and digital essence that characterises this year’s colour trends. Without a doubt, this evocative floral and aromatic design will generate lots of comments in the SS23 season.

trendy colours ss23 lavender

Sundial (Colour: 028-59-26)

Organic and full of authenticity, Sundial will inspire swimwear and accessories with a strong earthly influence. This shade, which is strongly linked to artisanal and sustainable living, is particularly well-suited for emulating communal ways of life linked to nature. 

trendy colours ss23 sundial

Luscious Red (Colour: 010-46-36)

Light and invigorating, the undeniable power of the colour red qualifies it as a timeless classic. The sensory energy and immersive nature of this shade makes it well-suited for creating hyper-real and immersive looks. We are therefore faced with a powerful invigorating element.

trendy colours ss23 red

Tranquil Blue (Colour: 114-57-24)

Tranquil Blue connects us to the calm ocean surface. In fact, it is as light as air and as bright as water. If you are looking for colours that inspire a balanced sense of peace, then this is perfect for you. It is ideal for reflecting the well-being which comes from the perfect mind-body balance.

trendy colours ss23 blue

Verdigris (Colour: 092-38-21)

Between classic and modern, Verdigris is highly recommended for an invigorating textile design which will never go out of fashion. A very interesting design for creating subtly sophisticated designs.

In short, the trendy colours for SS23 are what we need to look good. In fact, its strong naturalistic and digital inspiration allows us to feel not only protected but also connected.

trendy colours ss23 verdigris

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