At Splash by Lo, our creative team has designed a colourful, stylish collection full of artistic inspiration that draws on a wealth of imagination and redefines fashion through magic and tradition, examples being tie-dye and cashmere prints.

Intimate yet extroverted. Unique yet multifaceted. Social. And even sentimental. At Splash by Lo we believe that the fabrics we wear help to shape our lives, heightening memories and expressing our relationships. For our SS 2022 collection we’ve used each of our chosen themes to explore different times and celebrate the world we live in. In “Back to the Roots”, for example, we use digital techniques to evoke age-old printing processes such as batik, even including those small imperfections that are a part of its charm. Jumping a few centuries forward in time, in “Acid Pop” we find an explosion of youth, colour, dance music, nights out on the town and lots of fun. And energy. A wide range of bright colours that contrast with black. Acid colours, fluorescent colours, glitter, tie-dye… We open up new textile horizons, bringing to them the vibrancy of the pop spirit and taking our inspiration from the genius of brilliant artists such as Bernard Frize.

But not everything comes down to the purely physical. Inclusivity, respect, well-being, ethics, sustainability, and the love of nature are values that have taken on a global dimension in our own times and, they are of course, reflected in Splash by Lo’s SS 2022 collection. This part of the collection is called “Mother earth-sustainable mind”. It reflects these social commitments, leading us to use techniques in our fabrics that reuse materials, such as patchwork, and other craft textiles that represent the slow living lifestyle. The designs are created with a palette of dusty colours, mustards and turquoise, cabbage green and papier-mâché, peach and glazed green, aubergine, and earth tones.

Exuberance also has its place in Splash by Lo’s SS 2022 collection. “Jungle Opera” is a jungle-inspired print where sharp contrasts are used to create an elegant look. Bold, powerful patterns with colours that range from gold to safari green through browns and oranges build a narrative of adventure. “New Romantic” has a floral theme with a touch of European sophistication. With a sense of poetry and influenced by the work of artists like Marià Fortuny, Klimt, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh, among others, these fabrics immerse us in a world where the delicate and the exotic reign, rather like wandering through the select London club Annabel’s with its pastel colours, maximalist florals and rococo luxury.

Finally, “Girl from the North Country”, inspired by the Bob Dylan song, takes us to the countryside, to a broad sweep of desert with its straw colours, long, elegant cashmere dresses and cowboy look. A bold and cheerful pattern with a nod towards the latest collections from great designers such as Zimmerman and Dior. And, as is always the case at Splash by Lo, the entire SS 2022 collection has been created based on environmentally responsible approaches that help our customers to create sustainable swimwear collections, because the future belongs to companies that are committed to making sure that sustainability and creativity always come first.