Aesthetic inspiration baptised as Mother Earth – Sustainable Mind: we’ve opted for a design that’s closer to an eco-friendlier way of living. But this is a principle that applies to more than just our swimwear. We would like to introduce you to Splash by Lo’s interpretation of Slow Life.

We firmly believe that a sustainable textile industry is possible. This is why we’re working hard every day to reduce plastic packaging, support local production, develop fabrics made from recycled yarn, and use printing techniques that respect the environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every sphere of human life, including the physical world. Surprisingly, it has led us to rethink many of our existing practices and ways of working, changing many of our perceptions regarding the world around us, and how we relate to each other. Inclusivity, respect, well-being, ethics, sustainability, the appreciation of the natural world – these are all values that are taking on a much more global dimension.

The theme running through this collection is a reflection of a changing society that wants to be more respectful towards the earth and is committed to protecting it. We have taken our inspiration from natural cosmetics, dried flowers, natural dyes, etc. We use visual points of reference in the creation of designs such as patchwork, which is based on the idea of avoiding waste and reusing fabric, the crochet hook, and ceramics, which all represent Slow Living. And we have also been inspired by centuries old manual techniques such as natural dyeing.

We use colours that are closely linked to the earth and to nature: dusty shades, mustard and turquoise; cabbage green and papier-mâché; peach and bottle green; aubergine and earth tones. As for the designs we use to capture all this inspiration, there are several. The colour blue inspired by Japanese dyeing techniques that use indigo pigment (shibori), or by those of Vietnam, translated into different styles of tie-dye.

As is always the case with our collections, a good dose of artistic inspiration is a must – it’s part of our DNA. For example, we use paper cut-outs in our designs, much as Matisse did in his works. And you can see the influence of the harmonious oval shapes of the sculptures of Brancusi. And even the delicate colours found in the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Fabrics and designs to fit both our bodies and our consciences. Because fashion is not just a way of dressing. It is also a way of thinking and living. So, come back down to Mother Earth. Come to Splash by Lo!

mother earth