The creative team at Splash by Lo has expanded their imagination and sense of style with inspiration from the jungle opera of Fitzcarraldo, the cinematic epic from Werner Herzog.

The story of Fitzcarraldo is the story of a dream. Brian Fitzgerald, or “Fitzcarraldo”, is a megalomaniac businessman with an obsession for opera. His latest project involves building an opera house in a city on the banks of the Amazon River. But such an eccentric project is bound to lead to a variety of adventures and exploits…

The collection is also invaded by this same rainforest environment, where luxury is combined with the twilight of colonialism to produce highly evocative designs that evoke the contrast between civilisation and nature. This contrast helps to create a very elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, where exuberance gives rise to large and vibrant patterns with colours that range from gold to safari green, along with browns, oranges, nudes, blues, denim, etc.

This theme allows for large, timeless, and highly elaborate patterns that work perfectly on bathing suits, perfectly coordinated with animal prints that play with classic colours and touches of neon. Tropical patterns are a classic in the world of bathing suits (and in fashion in general), but there are various different ways of working with them. In this case they have been applied very elegantly and with a style that fully embodies the creative inspiration of Splash by Lo.

The rainforest also serves as a fabulous inspiration in fashion, leading to styles with an exotic look that conveys nature and wildlife, perfect for those who enjoy fun, exoticism and vitality.

jungle opera
A still of Klaus Kinski as Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald in the movie ‘Fitzcarraldo’ (directed by Werner Herzog), Peru, 1982. (Photo by Werner Herzog/Deutsche Kinemathek/Getty Images)