One of the inspirations for the new SS22 collection is sophistication itself: this collection has been designed right down to the last millimetre and has a certain delicacy beyond all convention. Our little slice of exoticism and zen tranquility, brought to Europe from the Orient and reflected in our style. 

For one of their collections, the fantastic team of designers at Splash by Lo have dreamt up a set of fabrics with a magical combination of oriental exoticism and refined lines, inspired by the eastern world. The elegance of this collection’s theme is the end result of powerful and profound research. The designs bring us closer to true equilibrium and meditation: a composition with a calm atmosphere, where the mind can bathe in serenity, scented with joy and desire. Like a dream of delight during an eclipse. 

The oriental-inspired print is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent features. Exotic and gently coloured flowers take centre stage. That’s not all, however, as we also find motifs inspired by Japanese tradition, with brocades and figures. All of this is elevated thanks to the designers’ ability to develop the style from which they take their inspiration. Lively shapes. The delicious luminosity found in the harmony of Zen temples. Tastefully chosen colours, which appear to blend together in a slight humidity, floating in the atmosphere.

These are Splash by Lo fabrics – whose passion spans the entire globe – with the shine of subtle mirrors and the ancient sound of a gong. These are designs which attract, subjugate and devour the gazes of all those who look upon them. An other-worldly design which intoxicates with a refined sensitivity, with the wisdom, the dedication to detail and the style of an age-old culture which renders it truly unique.

colección oriental