Did you know that at Splash by Lo, we use an environmentally-friendly polyester printing process, not just by using dry printing (without using water), but with eco-friendly and certified dyes? 

The excessive use of water and chemical products is one of the key environmental issues that the textile industry is anxious to tackle. Splash by Lo makes use of revolutionary and amazing innovations, such as alternatives which allow us to preserve resources, or processes like dry stamping – huge changes which offer a healing effect for our environment.

And given the growth of the global population, with people demanding better and more durable clothing, it looks like these innovations have been developed just in time. Splash by Lo has carried out a study into some of the most innovative and accessible sustainable textile solutions, which we’ve summarised below to offer you a simple overview of their benefits.


Thanks to the use of this material, we’ve managed to reduce up to 75% of our CO2 emissions in comparison with virgin polyester. 


Known as “Coral” and produced with the super-innovative Q-NOVA® recycled Nylon 6.6. fibre, this material is created from waste materials from the company’s first production cycle.  This offers 80% less CO2 emissions and 90% reduced water consumption when compared to the production of virgin polyamide.


Obtained from certified renewable sources of wood and using a responsible production process to comply with high environmental standards, this EU-certified material has been made to support a sustainable lifestyle and therefore contributes to a cleaner atmosphere. Up to 50% less emissions and impact on water resources than generic viscose.

At Splash by Lo, we believe it’s vital to play an active role and contribute to the transformation of the textile industry towards an eco-friendly era of sustainability. The future is now upon us and it’s one of our key challenges: that’s why we’re contributing to promoting a green lifestyle through our fabrics.