Few things are as decisive in the world as colour. Indeed, 85% of consumers mention colour as the main factor when deciding whether to purchase a product, and the with most virtual purchases, this factor is accentuated. 

Colouring of textile patterning: between dreams and reality

We are experiencing an “intermediate” moment in which colours operate on two different levels, the virtual and the real. In our pallets, we try to unearth a new relationship between the two, and as a result, there is a duality of colours. This relationship between the ‘real’ and the ‘surreal’ means that colour acquires new values and meanings that had never been acknowledged beforehand. 

Since technology allows us to experiment with a virtual universe, there is a defined scientific influence that is sufficient for colours at that time. For example, pastel colours have previously mutated from tales of sweet flowers to act as molecules and elements that help us to colour our stories in two ways at the same time: the most common and natural form that reflects the world that we know, but also a purely chemical form, that reflects new worlds that we dream about.

The digital tools that we use for textile design open a practically infinite range of chromatic possibilities. Even the most emotional shades fall under the spell of purely scientific influences. Such is the case of the romantic pastel tones, clearly influenced by molecular structures unnoticeable to humans with the naked eye.

Emotion and technology. Dreaming and reality the bond between these two apparently so different worlds can create a genuinely unique symbiosis brimming over with magic. Not by chance does this transition between digital colouring and reality allow us to focus the creative experience on new set angles of possibilities.

Each version of colour (the real and the surreal) provides its own nuances and messages. Consequently, the combination of both facets results in a sustainable, complex, and striking design.

In short, both real colours as well as virtual ones play an essential role in textile patterning. Certainly, they are the garments’ soul and help us to express all manner of trends. Our proposals for 2023 reveal just how much can be expressed if the right shade is chosen. What are you waiting for to discover them?