Everything you see is possible because we’re together once again. It’s a joy which can be felt in the air. It’s a joy which the Splash by Lo creative team wanted to capture in their SS 2023 collection.

We said joy, but also exuberance, pleasure and reunion. An elation we carry inside and which appears in our new collection’s designs, as if our skin dressed itself in love of life. Garments are not a second skin, but rather their most sincere feelings. We find this in the 60&70 Rockstargroup where the influence of the romantic aesthetics seen in Jimi Hendrix is very inspiring. Large flowers, velvet, kimono flowers, paisleys and warm colour combinations. An elevated star composition, with strength and style. An expansive design.

But there’s more. In this life, not everything is outbreaks. We also need another connection, another way of seeing the world. We’re talking about the Improved nature group. To reconnect, to re-wild, to slow down… Here, the creative team of Splash by Lo speaks of the simplicity of being surrounded by trees or the sea. A return to nature, to friendly imperfection, to the good savage. This idea is shaped with daring tropical and floral paintings and new skin patterns which enhance the wild, that which has born and grown in its flower, in liberty. The colour pallette is vitamin-rich: we’ve got frosted greens, warm reds and flaming oranges. And, of course, we make an ecodesign approach with our new collection of beachwear, a refined rustic selection of sustainable textiles and organic cotton. 

And talking about nature… who hasn’t felt the Desire to Get Away? This is the name of the next group, which shows a happy, optimistic creative energy with soft multicoloured and pastel tones. Because fabric also makes us travel. We don’t only travel with our body. We travel with everything that goes with us. Travelling to an idyllic beach can also be dressing like it. That our skin becomes bathed in sun, thanks to Splash by Lo. There’s clear inspiration from the aesthetics of the 1950s, where the designs take us to the seashore and palm tree prints and tropical designs with intense gradients which are designed to fill our eyes with hope. Because the future begins with the eyes. 

Now, let’s talk about the future. Let’s talk about the Illuminated Future. A group of designs filled with light and nourished by the hope of tomorrow, the brightness and radiance which is to come, which we’re waiting for. The new technologies make us think about dreams of the future.  The desire for freshness made us design a very juicy colour pallette, with bright solarized colours, mostly holographic. Designs with visual contrasts and mostly synthetic effects. The Splash by Lo creative team have achieved this with incredible bases of Lurex and neon colours. 

And none of the above would make sense without Illusion, illusion in its dual meaning. Illusion as hope and illusion as an effect, undoubtedly a common factor in fashion. We’ll see many geometric designs in this group, bicoloured designs with black as the protagonist, textures, large abstract designs… The creative team at Splash by Lo have been inspired by these trends with Op Art (optical art), which plays with shapes and colour to create optical illusions. Designs with a strong personality and lots of contrast. Textiles which will dress our body with creativity, imagination and, once more, joy.