Splash by Lo presents a journey to the marvellous gardens of 1960s England

Inspired by the exotic vegetation of Berkeley Square and the English spirit of originality, one of the themes of our new Splash by Lo collection seeks to convey designs which create direct links between flora and fauna, in an eclectic and playful way. Each print tells its own story, based on fantasy and exuberance. 

Country gardens filled with birds and animals, pink tulips with soft pastel backgrounds, over-the-top sun hats, high mountain rose gardens, belle époque muslin, flamingos and pelicans enveloped in spectacular jungle foliage: all this imagery has served the creative team as they dress our bodies and our imaginations.

With a maximalist, tropical and exquisite vibe to dress ourselves in a true orchard, allowing us to hear the rumble of the ocean swell at dusk through our clothes themselves. Fabrics with a certain sentimentality, a loving passion and a torrent of images which transport us to indoor gardens with murmuring fountains perched upon by pheasants or perhaps a beautiful couple sharing a glittering fruit bowl.

As always, a hallmark of our brand is the firm belief that a change towards a sustainable textile industry is possible. Our goal is to help customers create sustainable swimwear collections without losing a drop of creativity.

The perfect harmony between elegance and feeling which has characterised Splash by Lo throughout the years, with the addition of firm enthusiasm and a determined optimism. Shades of green, yellow and pastel pink raise spirits and pay tribute to the wonders of nature.

nueva colección splashbylo