One of the most anticipated fairs of the year, Mare di Moda 2022, is here and we couldn’t be more excited to attend and present our new 2024 collection, a real show stopper, without a doubt.

Mare di Moda is a benchmark event for beachwear, fabrics, underwear and sports accessories, with the presence of the best international exhibitors and visitors. This event is a face-to-face celebration that will be taking place from November 8 to 10.

European fashion brands

We at Splash by Lo have everything ready to show you our latest news. This meeting is committed to providing and offering the exclusive quality that only European fashion brands can offer and it is a fact that Splash by Lo will be present.

This meeting is undoubtedly a benchmark for professionals in the world of fashion and brings together the most prestigious European textile printing companies. Mare di Moda is a golden opportunity for all professionals in the sector where we can network and be inspired by proposals from our colleagues.

New collection

We give you a spoiler of the 2024 collection that manifests exclusivity, innovation and an explosion of creativity.


We have drawn inspiration from a variety of things by developing various themes for the collection. Starting from joy, optimism hand in hand with a color palette with a dynamic range showing happiness just by seeing them.

Going through inspiring us in the techniques of textile crafts, then wanting to represent those with a young spirit with desire to travel full of floral and tropical prints. Also create the perfect combination of the virtual and natural world where we play with concepts such as metallics and transparencies, to give some brushstrokes, and finally finish the tour of our collection with shades of sunsets that inspired us to create prints of the plant and animal world.

We are certain that the fabrics we create will be the center of attention. We came to conquer Mare di Moda 2022 and we look forward to showing you our creations this November 8th to 10th.