The new trend

Here comes the new trend that you have to know: Beachwear. At Splash by Lo we are lovers of bikinis and creativity, of course, and although we know that these days are numbered or that we use them particularly in summer, fashion has no fixed rules. That is why bikinis have transcended beyond just being used in summer or on the beach next to the waves of the sea.

Eachwear trends

A simple, practical and authentic way to adopt one of the beachwear trends is to integrate the bikini bra into your looks beyond the classic clothing that, for example, we use to go to the beach bar that we enjoy so much.

Mixing street clothes

Whether it is of a greater or lesser size, there is always the possibility of mixing street clothes with those of the beach. Even if the weather soon starts to get cooler, there is always a reason that the bikini bra leaves your comfort zone and transcends what we know as beachwear.

Let your summer bra on display! Whether it’s in a more subtle way wearing a blazer over it, accompanied by a shirt or button-down dresses or under cardigans, there are no limits in fashion, just like our philosophy at Splash by Lo.

Fashion is for daring

When thinking of a bikini, we usually associate it with wearing it on the beach by the sea and the sand. But fashion is for daring, this is how the bikini has transcended from being used only in summer to implementing it as one of your streetwear accessories. Although we are closer to autumn and winter rather than summer, this is a sign that it is still early to keep our bikini in the closet and start complementing it with other clothes.

Be creative, take advantage of what you have, life is to try new things, and this trend can be one of them. Who said that wearing a bikini in the city is a crazy idea?