To enjoy yourself on the beach, to play sport by a lake. To feel comfortable and also look great on holiday. Kids are always an exciting challenge! The creative team at Splash by Lo have designed a collection which combines durability with the latest trends and imagination.

A key point in order to progress is to explore our infancy from time to time. Without a doubt, the best memories are accompanied by good weather. Races on the beach, surf boards, sledges, diving boards in the swimming pool, sharp rocks and slippery trunks in the river… But we also used to like showing off with our friends by leaning against a bike looking fashionable. We wanted to feel agile and stunning. 

At Splash by Lo we’ve had a great time remembering those moments with this collection. We’ve chosen a polyamide microfibre of fine gauge which has a high colour and definition performance for a very versatile, mostly unisex collection. Without forgetting, of course, the distinctive character we’ve achieved thanks to those patterns. 

In this collection we can find the “Liberty” style hand-drawn twists, with soft and clean colours, of wild and adventurous inspiration. In the same classic line, but with a contemporary touch, we design delicate drawings with combinations of smokey grey and florescent colours which make young people look spectacular. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about exotic patterns and here you’ll find them with very surprising colour ranges, from earthy tones to varieties of turquoise.

A splendid collection, very focussed on detail, quality, fashion and our children’s enjoyment. From the kids to the grown ups, everyone can choose their favourite style to enjoy themselves under the sun in Splash by Lo. View new Collection