On one occasion Picasso was late for a reception with a head of state. When asked about the reason for the delay, his answer was: “I was looking for a blue.” For the genius from Malaga, it was much more important to find the right tone for the work he was working on than to arrive on time at that reception.

Select the color Magenta

And it is that sometimes we overlook the fact that the choice of a specific color is extremely important in our lives since color contains many meanings such as expressing moods, it allows us to differentiate one product from another, indicates our identity or even has healing powers.

For more than a decade Pantone has chosen its color of the year. On December 1, the color of 2023 was announced. The 18-1750 baptized as Viva Magenta. A tone full of energy and strength that is between bubblegum pink and vindictive purple. The process is carried out by a team of trend hunters who study fashion and design.

Our design, viva Magenta

At Splash by Lo we have our Viva Magenta that we apply and adapt to our designs and products to be in tune with the latest trends. Our Viva Magenta (it would be color 122 of article B0913) evokes spring and has artificial dimensions that speak of metaverse environments and digital landscapes. What makes this color special would be its metameric qualities. This means that the perception changes depending on the lighting source of the environment it is in, making it communicate versatility by giving more blue or purple tones if combined with cold or warm lights.

What we are sure of at Splash by Lo is that we love this color, which gives us optimism and enthusiasm to tackle this 2023.

Long live Magenta!