At Splash by Lo we are always on the side of creativity, that is why we are happy to discover and be inspired by new (or not so new) trends. Creativity is often not creating from scratch, it is often reinterpreting and adapting themes and disciplines that a priori have nothing to do with fashion. The magic of creation is finding a point of support to activate the inspiration lever and pull the thread so that the magic is unleashed.

This time, the London-based Spanish designer Carlota Barrera has created her 2023 collection with monochrome prints inspired by Cyanotype. A collection made with algae, abstract and organic forms thus avoiding summer motifs such as palm trees, starfish, shells,… creating a fresh and different collection.

Cyantipia is a mid-19th century monochrome negative printing technique characterized by its blue and white tones. It was created in England in 1842 by John Herschel when he was experimenting with photosensitive iron salts.

summer 2022 trends

This was the fulcrum to activate the lever of creativity thanks to Anna Atkins, English botanist and considered the first female photographer. She was the first woman to publish an illustrated book exclusively of photographic images.

Anna, scientific and creative, used this photographic technique uniting science and art, transforming algae, mistletoe, flowers and plants into artistic motifs and also highlighted the exceptional potential of photography in science.

We can often think that applying the latest technology to the art world is exclusive to today’s digital world, but thanks to creators like Anna Atkins we see that these techniques have been our foothold for a long time.

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