With Splash by Lo we travel to the future with the next trends for 2022. 

Living in the moment, the essence of the sublime, the experience of the journey and nature’s inspiration. Welcome to the slow, sustainable and creative fashion. Welcome to the summer of love!

Being born again

Among the trends for 2022 is the sense of being born again connected to nature and a commitment to a more conscious way of living design. Reconnecting with ourselves, a connexion with the natural cycles, the spirituality and the indigenous wisdom as a way of escaping from locked up life.   

This includes the regenerative design using innovative materials, the imitation of the irregularities of the jungle foliage, the adaptation to resistant attributes and to a feeling of convenient and elegant practicality.  

The trend is dominated by colours inspired by nature, such as earth browns, country greens, honey oranges and rosy tulips.  

Less is more

A higher appreciation for the things that really matter in life and for rediscovering ourselves. Less is more and giving it all with the minimum are premises that will join us in 2022. Well-being is now in the centre of everything that can be done and that can be seen in the fashion. 

Fabrics with recycled materials and a combination of fabrics, colours and prints.  Materials that look for balance and meditation getting us closer to the Middle East and to its calm atmosphere.

Tie-dye style becomes an absolute trend, natural dyes from berries, leaves, roots and flowers to colour the clothes. 

The colour palette is relaxing and vibrant, with a variety of misplaced pastels that are soothing but not too sweet or sugary, while the vibrant touches balance the softness and the acidity. There are also some warm neutrals that move the palette.

The materials used are clean and comfortable, in the Ecocean collection we can find recycled items, both pre-consumer recycled polyamide and post-consumer recycled polyester. Also, in the accessory line we use fabrics made with eco-friendly viscose Ecovero and organic cottons. 


The latest trend, Free yourself, is inspired in the people’s wish to brake the barriers that stop them and express themselves in new and powerful ways. Art as a new way of expressing and sharing creativity, beauty and harmony as a way of life. The search for a more caring, fairer and equal society. 

This trend brakes free from constructions such as gender rules and closes the gap between the physical and the digital world by using new technologies such as digital design and 3D printing. 

The colour palette is polarised, with electric neon shines; cold, futuristic, digital neons; orange-dyed reds and pink-infused shades. Acid colours, fluorescents, glitter inspiration, psychedelic tie-dyes and flowers with a lot of colours.

A return to the quintessential movement of the 60s, to the dance floor. Vibrant and boundless energy. 

Will 2022 be the year that brings us together and have a third summer of love?