Today more than ever we need to feel better, to dress our bodies with renewed strength. 

For its SS 2023 collection, the Splash by Lo creative team has developed a theme made of a new future. The Illuminated Future inspiration runs through the fabrics with the power of light and the influence of the sun and is fuelled by the hope of an illuminated future: the digital world that leads us to a dream universe, where the hope of progress, human inventiveness, and innovation reigns supreme.

The designers of Splash by Lo have infused the desire for freshness and as a result designed a very juicy colour palette with bright solarized, mostly holographic colours. A new interpretation of the future for our body that comes with one of this year’s new arrivals: visual contrasts and mostly synthetic effects, with Lurex bases and neon colours. 

The elegance in this collection’s theme is the end result of intense, in-depth research. The designs bring us closer to the digital age and technology. A futuristic composition where the mind can imagine futures with joy and desire, where we feel that our imagination is filled with possibilities, ingenuity, and genius.

Splash by Lo, only limited by its great sensitivity, gives a futuristic touch to your style. There is something about textures and patterns that conveys an illusion of vibrancy, of hope, of innovation. Because innovation is one of the hallmarks of our brand and we want to dress you with it. Innovation means always moving forward.