At Splash by Lo, we always have an eye on the long term. In the fashion world, it is very important to have an adventurous spirit. By 2024, colour will be a key part of the immersive and transformative experiences of the new digital world.

Digital aesthetics will be fundamental when it comes to populating virtual worlds. Futuristic digital design will influence a dynamic use of colour, which will change according to the environment and user behaviour. Bright colours – from biological sources. For example, bacterial pigments have the potential to revolutionise how we understand fashion and colour. Can you imagine a swimsuit that changes shades depending on the time of day? Can you imagine a fashion industry that doesn’t rely on artificial dyes? Well, it’s getting closer and closer. Microorganisms have the potential to create a range of sustainable colours for commercial use. 

But… Let’s get back to the science fiction! Experts believe that copper will once again be the focus of innovation: this supermaterial is both conductive and resistant to viruses. It’s not that science fiction, though. There is already a metal jacket made of 11 kilometres of copper, which ages and changes hue over time, like leather.

Digital designers are creating futuristic iridescence with otherworldly effects. Soon we’ll be seeing transparent liquid effects on clothes made with translucent and tactile fabrics.

The fact is that resource scarcity is leading many industries to rethink their manufacturing processes. To save valuable resources, brands are opting to give up dyes and embrace the beauty of raw and unprocessed textiles. Responsible manufacturing will drive a palette of undyed and recycled neutrals.

The future of fashion is being forged at the intersection of design, biotechnology and sustainability. And, while all this may seem far-fetched, in reality, it isn’t. Whatever happens, the Splash by Lo blog will always be up to date on research and development in the fashion industry to tell you about it.