Who among us has never felt the desire to get away from it all? Fashion has always been a means of letting our imaginations run wild, sending our bodies and mind to exotic destinations.

With this new and incredible inspiration for the SS 2023 collection, the Splash by Lo creative team has developed a passionate current of positive energy, contagious joy and radical optimism. All thanks to the imagination of our designers and their palette of soft, multi-coloured and pastel shades.

Through ours fabrics, we have been able to develop the idea of travelling once more, for our bodies at least – of returning to idyllic beaches, to palm-tree-lined paradises and golden coastal sunsets, soaking up both the sun and nature. The “Getaway Desires” theme has been clearly inspired by 50s aesthetics. These fabrics transport us to the beach, while palm-tree patterns and tropical designs in intense shades are designed to make you feel good.

This was a popular design in the 50s, 60s and 70s – a must have for all those who liked to flaunt their more adventurous and cheerful sides. It can be seen in North-American cinema from this period and, today, in films set in that era, such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. These days, it has become a huge trend on the catwalks and continues to make a bold statement in modern fashion.

Our designers, limited only by their endless imaginations, bring a touch of escape and exotic travel to your style. There is something about the textures and patterns that create a sense of freedom. Dare to make your escape! Dress your body in Splash by Lo designs.