There’s something inside of us. Something we feel but can’t express. But perhaps we can express it when dressing ourselves, because sometimes fashion speaks better than words.

And what might this be? What calls us from inside? It might be the source, it might be nature. We’ve all thought that maybe we’ve become too distant from it. That, maybe, we should visit it more often. That we should surely reconnect once more, make ourselves wild again. 

The “Enhanced Nature” group came into existence with the need to reconnect with nature after the months of lockdown.  In the designs we find a willingness for a certain imperfection, the creative Splash by Lo team has taken time to admire the gestures of nature, the simplicity of experience when we’re surrounded by trees or the sea.

This has given shape to this idea with daring tropical and floral paintings. Also with our skin prints which refer to this wild and free side. The colour pallette is vitamin-rich: we find frosted greens, warm reds and flaming oranges. 

How could it be any other way? We make an ecodesign approach with our new collection of beachwear, a refined rustic selection of sustainable textiles and organic cotton. 

Because we feel the joy of returning to the world we left. Because we feel the joy of returning home. Doesn’t it seem a good idea to dress our skin in this joy? This feeling of reunion is what our “Enhanced Nature” designs show.