Within textile printing with floral motifs, roses never fail. After all, we can’t resist wearing a garment embroidered with a flower associated with romance, harmony and femininity. Shapes and colours that brighten our days. 

Flowers in general and roses in particular are a timeless classic in terms of textile design. In fact, year after year, they become the undeniable stars of the spring-summer season. There is no better way to give our looks an elegant touch of sensuality. 

The flowering plants with their subtlety, delicateness and fleeting beauty represent femininity. The links between flowers and femininity can be seen in fashion design throughout history.

Flowers have gone hand in hand with textile design for centuries. As such, it is believed that the first examples can be found in the silks that came from the Far East that arrived in the West through the trade routes. 

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the robes with floral prints were a distinctive feature of the upper classes because of how expensive it was to make them. It was common that each country decorated the fabrics with designs alluding to native plants (peonies in China, tulips in Persia, sunflowers in England, etc.)… Although roses were part of each one’s bucolic landscapes.  

The Industrial Revolution allowed to lower the price of floral textile printing. This, together with the end of a rigid fashion, helped to democratise the use of these types of designs at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, roses have never left women’s fashion, both in their more pop versions (1960s and 1980s) or in their more subtle versions (1970s and now). In fact, the fabrics of printed clothing and women’s clothing from the sixties, seventies and eighties prove the existence of a wide variety of floral patterns and their permanent presence in women’s fashion.

Did you know that textile printing with roses is very much in line with romantic fashion which will be a trend  in the spring-summer 2022 season? A good example of this are the designs we have created at Splash by Lo. Have you seen them?