The evolution of digital printing offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional printing methods. At Splash by Lo we’re committed to this more efficient technology that allows us to use less water.

Over the past 20 years, textile printing technology has evolved dramatically. It’s all too easy to forget that behind every garment and every metre of printed cloth there are hundreds (if not thousands) of product touchpoints and technicians who use their skills to create each and every fabric that makes the journey from design to production and, ultimately, to the market.

The textile industry is struggling to reduce its carbon footprint and must gradually work towards cleaner, more efficient production methods. It’s early days, but digital technologies covering every aspect of manufacturing are now being adopted. At Splash by Lo we want to play a leading role in championing this change. We want to make a significant impact on reversing climate change.

The COVID-19 crisis has given everyone the opportunity to reflect on the culture of wasteful expenditure, climate change and overconsumption, and has raised awareness of the real impact of old textile printing systems.

As textile printing technology advances, the traditional textile industry needs to make a strong commitment to sustainability. Affordability coupled with performance will drive sustainable change, and reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, at the same time offering product diversity at scale along with sustainable production.
Splash by Lo is focused on creating high quality stretch fabric prints and high quality digital textile printing for the swimwear and accessories sector. We design and fully develop the production of our printed fabrics, offering differentiation through collections inspired by the latest trends.