The Splash by Lo creative team is constantly researching, designing and rethinking fashion. From this exciting work the new Capsule Collection 2022 – 2023 is born: a collection of 30 hand-drawn sketches and with the personality and boldness that define us: surprising combinations of colour, fluorescents and sharp tones that call for excitement. And the usual style with Jacquard bases and touches of Lurex.

Combining colours in a surprising way is always a good move. But, when used correctly, with talent and experience, a colour combination can turn a body into something you would see in a ballroom. An unexpected combination of colours creates visual interest and fun. It is also a reminder that textile design doesn’t have to be limited to the obvious. 

Lurex thread is one of the clearest and most symbolic ways in which luxury manifests itself in design. Designers such as Gucci, Armani and Hermès have been successful with this style. The metallic and shiny effect of Lurex material imitates luxurious and suggestive fabrics, woven with gold and silver thread, creating an interesting version of our style. Our outfits are transformed into luxury evening wear, costumes for fun. 

At Splash by Lo we never forget style and personality. The hand-drawn sketches of the Capsule Collection 2022 – 2023 make each one of our designs special. They all convey the personality that only unique strokes can show. 

If you want to discover and enjoy the Capsule Collection 2022 – 2023, go to the reserved area or request a virtual meeting. We’re waiting for you!