We start the year with a bang wanting to share our 2024 collection that expresses many things that inspire us, but also represents innovation, exclusivity and a burst of creativity. 

This collection encompasses everyone, a collection for women, men and children. We are inspired to delight anyone who dares to look at it.

The inspiration

It has 5 themes that start from a range of different influences, such as joy and optimism, the first theme being La Joie de Vivre. The inspiration in the techniques of textile crafts, Artisan. Followed by our fascination to represent those young-spirited people full of wanderlust, Traveler. Searching for the perfect balance between the natural and virtual world, Soft Pop, and culminating the journey of this collection with a theme that is born as a result of the different shades of sunsets hand in hand with the plant and animal world, Desert Sunset.

La Joie de Vivre

Welcome to the first theme of the new 2024 collection! Within the group it is the happiest, full of playful and fun colors that you will not be able to stop looking at. The color palette features a dynamic range of clean midtones creating an optimistic illusion and sparkling light.

In relation to the prints, we can see geometries and small retro flowers with a modern twist, new and unexpected color combinations to achieve that surprise factor that we love. We want to represent the collection as it is, the joy of living!


A craftsman is one who creates unique pieces with his hands, of total exclusivity and personalization. At Splash by Lo we are known for creating unique and exclusive fabrics of superior quality.

That is why for this group we let ourselves be inspired by textile craft techniques such as embroidery, patchwork, ikat fabrics and wood block printing, to give a few examples. The folklore is back! Reinventing itself with large-scale prints, current colours, impressive paisleys and contrasting geometrics.

Let’s not even talk about the color palette, which combines dark and bright tones to give us the “punchy folklore” effect, such as powdery pink, intense turquoise, strawberry red, purple and mustard to give a few brushstrokes. This and much more is Artisan, the new boho.


No matter where you are, seeing what we have created for this collection group will surely transport you to the tropics. Traveler is the representation of a young spirit eager to travel and have a good time.

We created a set of floral and tropical prints, inspired by the “Hawaiian shirt”, which transports us to a full-fledged surfer atmosphere. Our Traveler lives without prejudice and with a free soul!

Soft Pop

Soft Pop is the definition of the perfect balance between two worlds, the natural and virtual world. This is where liquid reflections and pastel graduations come together with acid and neon tones. We risk playing with the concept of transparencies and metallics to create new sophisticated effects.

We are inspired by the light reflected in the sea, the blue shadows that Paul Gaugin painted. A group overflowing with distorted gradients, drawings that breathe white, light watercolor flowers. Soft Pop is the dream group.

Desert Sunset

Have you ever noticed how many colors a sunset has? We do, and it is where the inspiration for this last group is born. The sky is dyed in shades of blue, orange, pink, purple depending on where you are.

There are 33 great deserts in the world, if you are in the Sahara or the Atacama you will perceive shades of brown and dark green. While in ice deserts, such as Antarctica, the sky is painted dark blue and pink. Based on these observations we have created a color palette that conveys warmth and total wonder.

The prints in this group revolve around the plant and animal world, offering us large drawings of leaves, abstract textures, leopard skins, and striking geometrics.

These fabrics and prints will leave you speechless and will undoubtedly be the center of attention wherever this collection is displayed. At Splash by Lo our collections are our works of art. We consider ourselves artisans in our sector when creating unique fabrics, with total customization and exclusivity.

The 2024 collection is here! Don’t let them tell you, dare to see it for yourself.