Within the new SS 2022 collection you’ll see that our inspiration is acid pop, the closest thing to the psychedelia of the 60s. Years when the colours, textures, and lines that filled the dance floors of the world were highly valued. Vibrant and full of a boundless energy. 

Psychedelic fashion was the quintessential 60s movement. Although over time, and to some extent opportunistically, it influenced almost every design, and was taken up by every sector of the fashion industry, it would be hard to isolate a single designer, or even group of designers, who could be identified as the inventors or promotors of this style that swept through the world. 

However, the concern for light and overall environment reached a peak at the Paraphernalia boutique in Manhattan in 1966, when electrical engineer Diana Dew created a light-up vinyl dress that could be switched on at the wearer’s command. A miniature potentiometer was attached to the belt – this regulated the speed of the strobe-like flashing of hearts or stars, which could be coordinated with the pulsating rhythm of disco music. That same year, Yves Saint Laurent brought psychedelic light and colour to the concept of pop art with a wedding dress boasting a glittering incandescent flower, which livened up the traditional end of the fashion show.

That was 54 years ago. Are we about to see another psychedelic revival? British playwright Leo Butler hopes that we are. “You look at the world today, and you think that we need something to bring us together, a third summer of love.”

Acid Pop, is an explosion of youth, colour, dance music, and long nights just bursting with energy. For this part of the collection, the creative team at Splash by Lo were inspired by the wide range of vibrant shades that contrast with the colour black that’s almost always present here. 

Acid colours, fluorescents, glitter, psychedelic tie-dyes, and multi-coloured flowers are concepts that appear throughout the history of fashion and culture, all the way from the psychedelia of the 60s, the dance floors of the 70s, the explosion of colour in the 80s, the fluorescent colours of the 90s, to the electric mix of the noughties. And today, we have the aesthetics of people like Billie Eilish and Alessandro Michele, the reinventor of Gucci, where there’s a fusion of aesthetics and psychedelic art. Fascinating. 

The creative team at Splash by Lo brings a joyfully playful touch to your style. There’s something in the energy of these colours that’s a joy both for the eyes and the spirit, something that simply makes you feel happy. Contrasts add a vibrancy that’s truly exceptional in swimwear fabrics.

acid pop